You are not alone.

Let’s do this together.

You don’t have to live this way, if you don’t want to.

Follow me.

I / we have seen this before.

This is very common.

We have a treatment for this.

The test is normal.

Just as you / we had hoped.

It’s less expensive than you / we had thought.

It turned out better than you / we expected.

I’ve been there before, myself.

This is not going to go all the way away, but it will get better.

It’s not as bad as we once thought / as you thought.

Great job!

It’s Okay / you’re Okay.

You’re a mensch / a good person.

You are forgiven.

God loves you.

You are loved, no matter what.

Peace be with you.

(Please share phrases which are comforting to you.)

Charles Tadros, M.D.

June 15, 2021

Saint Louis, Missouri

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