“Died by suicide.” vs “Committed suicide.”

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nicholas-emeigh-593398167_wordsmatter-suicideawareness-endthestigma-activity-7056230714941284352-6JUj?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop Words make us question entrenched beliefs and assumptions. Words help change our focus and help alter perceptions which, in turn, open us up to more helpful ideas regarding support and solutions. Charles Tadros, M.D. June 3, 2023 Saint Louis, Missouri


The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority https://nassimtaleb.org/tag/minority-rule/ Unlike a democracy, where people vote, it does not take a majority or supermajority to legally make a change. Changing the conversation or someone’s mind has much lower requirements. Charles Tadros, M.D. Saint Louis, Missouri June 2021

My text to a young friend about how so many of us end up trapped in the tyranny of work, by…

making enough money just to keep us working, but too busy to lift up our heads to see what’s happening around us, what is happening to us, or where we’re going. Charles Tadros, M.D. May 25, 2023 Saint Louis, Missouri

Our children are “on loan” to us parents (and to other adults) so that we can teach, protect, and provide for them until they’re able to take over these responsibilities.

It’s a common assumption, and a misconception, that if we adults donate to our children so much of our lives…our love, time, energy, and money, that we somehow “own” more of our kids, or we have dibs on what they will eventually produce. We do not. Some of us even will assume that our childrenContinue reading “Our children are “on loan” to us parents (and to other adults) so that we can teach, protect, and provide for them until they’re able to take over these responsibilities.”

Once our kids are old enough to hit the ground walking and running, we parents are relegated to corralling and herding for the rest of our lives.

Charles Tadros, M.D. May 20, 2023 Saint Louis, Missouri

We are educated and trained to be right.
We practice this, and we get good at it.
This why it’s so hard for us to accept any situation when we’re told that we are wrong.

Charles Tadros, M.D. April 18, 2024 Saint Louis, Missouri

We are running helter skelter toward fantastic opportunities with artificial intelligence. I have stopped looking at future potentials, as well as future hazards, with yesterday’s mind.

Absolutely, humans can and will adapt… it’s just that many humans cannot adapt fast enough.
This is where organizations, governments and societies step in to support and protect the most vulnerable.

I, for one, am very fortunate that I do not need any such support or protection.
I suspect that many of you see yourselves the same way too.

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/zainkahn_the-death-of-google-and-search-is-near-activity-7064572663620415489-9NwM?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android Charles Tadros, M.D. May 18, 2023 Saint Louis, Missouri

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