About learning…

I seem to need several things:

To understand the big picture (often to name and understand what I see and what I hear) and then drill down to the, “what, where, when, and why” (ie the minutiae), then step back to the big picture, then drill down to other minutiae.

I need to hear about common mistakes and mistaken assumptions (i.e. I have to understand why I need to remove my previous, incorrect perceptions/thinking before I understand and remember the correct / better insights and thinking).

I need to practice, specifically, many different scenarios, in order to feel comfortable and secure in my knowledge (and to be able to securely build upon this knowledge).

As long as the information and lessons are accurate, specific, and digestible, I’m happy to learn from any source.

Charles Tadros, M.D.

March 22, 2023

Saint Louis, Missouri

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