It is frustrating that there are many years’-worth of clinical experience which show that OPEN DIALOGUE (a Finnish, technique which is very helpful in treating psychosis) helps clients become significantly more functional without the use of, adverse-effects-laden antipsychotic medications. Much more quantitative research is needed in order to prove the effectiveness of OPEN DIALOGUE, but the potential value that this technique brings is very encouraging in this era of polypharmacy. All chronic diseases, especially in mental health, exist in part, outside of the client’s/patient’s body. These diseases, in part, exist in a person’s genetics, nutrition, childhood/upbringing, traumas, supportive environments, as well as their relationships, and their connections. These life events inform a person’s understandings, thoughts, beliefs, and eventually, their behaviors and actions. Charles Tadros, M.D. May 18, 2022 Saint Louis, Missouri

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