It used to be that some patients, in order to qualify for bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery), would have to gain weight in order to obtain a high enough body mass index, (if they didn’t have other, weight related diseases such as hypertension or diabetes), in order to qualify them for this life-saving surgery.

When a person is looking for financial support, when divorcing a spouse, often, their attorney will tell them not to obtain a job until child support and spousal support has been determined, or a settlement has been reached.

Also, during divorce proceedings, at times, a partner/ spouse will be told not to separate by moving out of the house, for fear that this looks as if this move could be interpreted as abandonment of shared property.

Often it takes up to 2 years to qualify for, and receive payment after, applying for full and permanent disability. During this time, and often, for years afterwards, this disabled person is afraid of being caught performing non-job related tasks for themselves, or for others, for fear that, if caught, s/he may lose their disability status.

Charles Tadros, M.D.

October 27, 2021

Saint Louis, Missouri

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