WHAT ELON MUSK DOESN’T STATE (or understates)…

If his many-ton cars and trucks can nimbly navigate a complex external world, autonomously, accurately, and at high speeds, then these same sensors, perceptions, predictive models, and navigation systems can navigate robots, while alongside humans, in our homes, robots in our hospitals and nursing homes, robots in our warehouses and factories, robots in our mines, robots in our livestock feedlots and agricultural farms, robots in our airports and on our airplanes, robots on our ships and in our submarines.

Tesla’s AI chip (the D1), especially when configured in an array (Training Tiles), can use its focused, massive processing power, in real-time, to run simulations (or read the real world), learn, improve, plan, then execute (also in real-time), wirelessly (via 5G, eventually, 6G networks), practically any physical human, or machine task.

ANYTHING which can be digitized, can (and will) succumb to machine learning [unsupervised, reinforcement learning], deep learning, artificial intelligence, and when needed, will be performed by robots. Amazon is champing at the bit to replace warehouse workers and drivers with robots and drones.

Employers worried about COVID (or future pandemics), acutely sick, chronically sick or injury-prone employees, sick-outs, work slowdowns, work stoppages, strikes, union actions, rising salaries, rising costs of benefits, shrinking worker numbers, fewer skilled workers, inability to run 3 shifts, foreign workers’ visa issues, rising costs of goods sold due to the rising costs of employees? The answer…robotics (supported by machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence).

Charles Tadros, M.D.

January 9, 2021

Saint Louis, Missouri

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