It’s fantastic if what we were trained to perform (or were educated to know) aligns very well with what we are good at performing, which, in turn, aligns well with what gives us joy when performing, which, in turn, makes us a good income, gives us financial stability, and helps grow our wealth.

Too often the subjects of our training and education are not necessarily what we are good at performing, nor do they give us joy. Even if our training, education, performing, and joy all align, such qualities do not necessarily, or automatically, translate into a good income, financial stability, or help us to become wealthy.

Very often, what we selected when we were 18 years-old is a single, narrow, training or educational path beyond high school. This may excessively narrow our exposure to lucrative opportunities, to fruitful connections, or to enriching environments. In turn, these lost opportunities may excessively narrow our visions and our choices of career paths.

Charles Tadros, M.D.

February 1, 2023

Saint Louis, Missouri

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