The unwritten rules of showing that we’re serious about our work, wanting to keep our jobs, and and serious about supporting our employer…

taking responsibility, even if it’s not our fault

going, “above and beyond”, without asking for renumeration or recognition

taking on coworkers’ responsibilities

taking on more work than is assigned

anticipating coworkers’ and supervisors’ needs

not complaining

not criticizing

not job hunting

not asking for raises, positions, or job/career advancements

assuming that the company’s way or the boss’s way is the best way or the only way of doing things

not taking sick leave

skipping breaks

skipping lunch

not going to the bathroom

eating at our desks

coming in early

staying late

taking work home

working until we go to bed

pulling all-nighters

sacrificing family and close relationships

sacrificing mental and physical health

not clocking in (but still performing work)

not taking vacations

checking in /logging in during vacations

not using all of our vacation days

performing work while we’re on vacation

performing work while we’re on sick leave

paying out of our own pockets for work expenses

not turning in receipts (after paying out of our own pockets)

Charles Tadros, M.D.

January 12, 2023

Saint Louis, Missouri

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