Your insomnia, sadness, anxiety, traumatized feelings and substance abuse are, in large part, a response to your thinking and believing that there is something wrong with you or that something went terribly wrong in your past.

Sometimes, suffering and incapacity are due to a disease or diseases. Often, suffering and incapacity are due to our minds and our bodies RESPONDING ( ie a form of dysfunctional healing) to diseases and traumas. Charles Tadros, M.D. September 15, 2021 Saint Louis, Missouri


In times of duress, your mind seeks out ways to survive. Even if these strategies are primarily useful in the short-term, they are unhelpful for the long-term, and are inherently dysfunctional. When you are ready, therapy is useful with helping unpack, name, reorganize and reconsolidate your experiences. Charles Tadros, M.D. April 12, 2021 Saint Louis,Continue reading “SURVIVAL STRATEGY”