There is no emoji adequate for the loss of another one of our sisters (or brothers).

Cheslie is us and we are her.

130 suicides/day, completed, in the US.

3,700 suicide attempts, each and every day in the US (

Medical and mental health professionals have an array of very effective treatments, not cures, for those at risk for suicide.

Each person attempting suicide has family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, employers, employees, drinking buddies, book club friends, hunting buddies, fantasy sport teammates, teachers, ministers, counselors, therapists, physicians, mentors, or coaches.

People with severe mental health needs are often too inwardly focused to be able to ask for, or follow through with, life-saving help. Please, look around you. Look, listen, notice, ask, follow-up. We are our brothers’ (and sisters’) keepers.

We do not know of the specific circumstances which affected Cheslie. These are life factors (individually or combined) affecting the risk for suicide:

work-related stress (including job loss)

financial stress (including gambling debt)

legal issues (criminal, bankruptcy, child custody, or loss of home)


loneliness and (physical, social, or emotional) isolation

grief (including loss of spouse, partner, child, parent, sibling)

physical illness (including chronic pain)

loss of independence (physical, cognitive, or emotional issues)

previous suicide attempt


bipolar disorder


generalized anxiety

panic disorder

eating disorder (anorexia nervosa, bulimia, or a combination)

gender dysphoria (ie transgender)

trauma and abuse (including PTSD)

addiction or substance abuse

personality disorder

The more of these life situations one has, the greater the risk for suicidality.

There is an enormous and urgent need to address each adverse life event as it arises, in order to avoid their cumulative effect.

There is no age limit for suicidality.

Some of the persons most at risk for attempting and completing suicide are elderly widowed males, who are socially isolated, have chronic medical conditions, and abuse alcohol.

One does not have to be depressed in order to attempt suicide…

Pre-teens and teens, who are bullied on social media or have a breakup with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or are affected by a celebrity’s suicide, may impulsively attempt suicide.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255 (consider sitting with the person while they initiate the call)

Charles Tadros, M.D.

February 3, 2022

Saint Louis, Missouri

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